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A Brief Introduction to GPS Trackers

2011-5-29 As we all know, GPS is short for global positioning system, and the GPS System was created by the American Department of Defense. It is originally based on and runs with 24 satellites.

GPS trackers appeared in early 1980s. At first, it was only available to civilian national and international use. Commercial GPS tracker appeared in mid-1980s. In these few years, GPS trackers become popular in many areas, such as transportation, mobile phone, and watch industry and so on.

However, as the government has strict rules on private use, not everyone has the opportunity to own such a high-technology device in the past decades. Only those government authorities can use it. Besides, the price is too high to afford. Although many limitations on the development of GPS tracker, it still gained a great achievement in the past few years.

GPS tracker nowadays brings many benefits to us. You don’t have to worry about aged parents getting lost somewhere in the street. You don’t have to watch your naught pets anywhere at any time. GPS tracker helps find them wherever they are.

Currently, we can find portable GPS tracker, or GPS watches on the market, which are quite handy and more practical.