GPS трекер Xexun TK 102, GPS трекер TK 102-2, GPS трекер TK 103

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I have set Track by Distance with interval 300 meters via command 0000,A14,300 successfully.


1. Battery is low. Charge the unit with 12V external power for at least half an hour;
2. Make sure GPS gets fix (blue LED flashes 0.1 second on and 2.9 seconds off). If not, please first refer to the question - Blue LED stays 1 second on and 2 seconds off (can’t get GPS fix) after the unit is turned on;
3. Make sure that unit have GPS fix when you sent out command 0000,A14,300 and when the unit moved over 300m;
4. SIM card has run out of credit. Please top up the SIM card;
5. The phone num.